Quels secteurs d'activités ?

Business sectors

Since its conception, ADOCOM-RP, has assisted SMEs to multinationals, trade unions to elected representative associations with their media relations, across many sectors of activity. We have also contributed in no small way to their internal and external publics gaining a greater understanding of our clients through memorable encounters and successful professional projects. The following examples provide just a small insight.

> Long-running media campaigns for SMEs and multinationals including:
Tipiak, Dunlopillo, Treca, Sauter, Thermor, Blanco, DHL, Cadbury, Poulain, Agence Bio, Spontex, Mapa, Parker Pen, Ski France, Pyrex, Corning, ANMSM (Association Nationale des Maires des Stations de Montagne), etc…

> Creation of strategy and completion of public relations, press relations and event programmes, for unions and industry and professional associations:
for field as diverse as fruit juice, eggs, drinks, construction, plumbing, energy, and tourism…

> Original event management:
Creation of the Prix Littéraire Grand Témoin de la France Mutualiste, (La France Mutualiste’s “Witness” literary award). Highlighting the tradition of Saint Martin for the Foie Gras, Magret and Confit industry association. Themed exhibitions: “L’Œuf dans tous ses états” (The egg in all its glory), or “Comment se lavait-on et comment se chauffait-on du Siècle des Lumières à nos jours ?” (How did we wash and keep warm from the Age of Enlightenment to today?) for the Salon Cuisine et Bains (Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition) on behalf of ACOVA radiators. Le Trophée des Jeunes Designers (Young designer’s trophy) for Dentelle de Calais, le Trophée des Jeunes futurs Cuisiniers (Young future cook’s trophy) and les Challenges Foie Gras des Jeunes Créateurs Culinaires, (Young innovative cook’s foie gras challenge), the creation and implementation of the Trophée de la Piscine (Swimming pool awards) for FPP, etc…

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Food, agriculture, gastronomy
Construction, industry, equipment
Home, interiors, garden
Sustainable development,
energy, ecology
Institutional, logistics,
services, corporate
Textiles, fashion, accessories
Tourism, leisure,
insurance, exhibitions
Wellness, beauty,
nutrition, health