Notre équipe

Our team

ADOCOM-RP is run by 3 leaders who are surrounded by proficient bi- or tri-lingual team members. With between 6 and 35 years’ experience with ADOCOM-RP, they provide our clients, partners, journalists and suppliers with much appreciated stability. Availability and reactivity are our watch words and each member of the team performs multiple functions and is well organised, applying processes that allow us to maintain PR programmes, press conferences, events and other public relations activities all in real time.

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Monique Dognin
Managing Director
Arnault Narcy
Irène Papantina
Deputy Managing Director

Arnault Narcy, president, associate, 25 years with ADOCOM-RP, devises and directs all programmes.
He is our clients’ principal contact for all communication plans, sensitive communication and strategy guidance that their company, association or institution may require.
Laura Bruno Monique Arnault Irène Françoise
Daniel Célina Sophie Sandra Jennifer Anaïs Céline

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